Blog Hunt - Research Mode

Blog Hunt is in constant research for any methods to improve Blog Hunt, and our bloggers' blogging experience. We received some wonderful suggestions and would love to implement some to our site. Thank you for everyone who implemented our badge to their website! It has been a hit. Our blogs have received much praise and people have been constantly thanking us through email of the efficiency of the blogs. We could not have done it without you!

We have implemented NEW features to our website already:

Random Blog Generator

Blog Hunt Signature of Approval
 (put the HTML gadget (code below) under your post section in design)

<a href="http://bloghunt.info" target="_blank" title="Blog Hunt"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Fpk3yn4wUFE/TbVkia3KRxI/AAAAAAAAAEQ/b4z6btlmz-k/s1600/bh.gif" border="0" 
width="104" height="27" alt="Description" /></a>

Check the new feature out! Maybe, you might be on there! :) People who have the Seal of Approval on their blogs are specially honored, and we would love to support them as much as possible. We are constantly designing better badges, so stay updated with us!