Blog Wiki Page Competition Contestants

The Wiki Page Competition's contestants (based on the most attractive Wiki page) will be listed here, i.e. the people currently featured in the Blog Hunt main page's Blog Roll. This post will be updated with contestants as more attractive pages are created before 11th of May.

Tell us your favorites! It may affect our decisions for the winner.


Blog Roll Feature Implemented!

Blog Hunt has finally implemented a random featured blogs generator with a snippet of the blogs on the main page! For now, only pages we consider attractive will feature in the generator. Customize your Wiki page and you may one day see yourself on there too!

As for updates about the contest: We have decided that the winner be announced in 2 weeks: on the 11th of May. Look forward to it! The winner will receive a special badge of recognisation from Blog Hunt and feature on our main page as the winner.

The contest results will be decided based on:

Best Wiki Blog Page
Most Popular Wiki Blog Page

Anyone who violates the TOS (on the front page) will be disqualified, so be sure to read it! Thank you.


Wiki Page Contest

After witnessing Discovery Underground's Wiki Page, we have put into consideration ZR's magnificent suggestion to promote interactivity in the blogging community by organising a competition. So there you go! We decided to organise a contest for the best presented Wiki Page. The winner will receive public exposure by being featured on our main page for having the best Wiki Page, and also a special badge of honour by our professional graphic designer to put on their blog!

Don't forget to post here whose Wiki Page you think is the best! We will take into both appearance and other bloggers' opinions into consideration before announcing the winner.

Blog Hunt - Research Mode

Blog Hunt is in constant research for any methods to improve Blog Hunt, and our bloggers' blogging experience. We received some wonderful suggestions and would love to implement some to our site. Thank you for everyone who implemented our badge to their website! It has been a hit. Our blogs have received much praise and people have been constantly thanking us through email of the efficiency of the blogs. We could not have done it without you!

We have implemented NEW features to our website already:

Random Blog Generator

Blog Hunt Signature of Approval
 (put the HTML gadget (code below) under your post section in design)

<a href="http://bloghunt.info" target="_blank" title="Blog Hunt"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Fpk3yn4wUFE/TbVkia3KRxI/AAAAAAAAAEQ/b4z6btlmz-k/s1600/bh.gif" border="0" 
width="104" height="27" alt="Description" /></a>

Check the new feature out! Maybe, you might be on there! :) People who have the Seal of Approval on their blogs are specially honored, and we would love to support them as much as possible. We are constantly designing better badges, so stay updated with us!


Make Some Suggestions!

Blog Hunt is growing and improving by the day! Make some suggestions to us to make our site even more attractive! Any magnificent suggestions will be rewarded back with some lucky shout outs.

One magnificent suggestion from a user who requests to remain anonymous for now was the Seal of Approval. Check it out! It's an amazing idea.

Simply copy and paste this to the HTML gadget on your blog page. :)

<a href="http://bloghunt.info" target="_blank" title="Blog Hunt"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lhk4pusiVSk/TbLoz_tTbhI/AAAAAAAAAEE/gzGCi9R75HY/s320/sealir.gif" border="0" 
width="160" height="160" alt="Description" /></a>

Or this one, designed by unknown.

<a href="http://bloghunt.info" target="_blank" title="Blog Hunt"><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-C7omr9PATds/TbUkVZPU6ZI/AAAAAAAAAEI/PVOA_hWBKTs/s1600/authorised.gif" border="0" 
width="200" height="50" alt="Description" /></a>


Blog Hunt: How To

Bucks 4 Tucks has made a wonderful contribution for us, by explaining an efficient template of how to put up your blog on our website. Thank you BuxTux!

How do you add your blog to blog hunt? Here is how:
Search your desired blog name on your search bar, then click the red link (red link indicates the page does not exist yet.
Then describe your blog, then you're done! But not yet. In order to allow your audience to find you, you need to add yourself to the category that you pertain to. This is done by writing this at the end of your page: [[category:yourcategory]]

Blog Hunt in BETA!

bloghunt.info is still in beta.

On this blog we will post our updates on Blog Hunt. Stay tuned!